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world class packaging for world class products
Impact Indicators
Technology in Bag
Dunnage Bag

Tudine Packaging is the packaging arm of Tudine Asia and has been a key player in the packaging industry since 2007. It was first known as OETI but was later acquired by the Tudine Group and subsequently changed its name to Tudine Packaging to better identify itself in the industry as part of the bigger group.


Since then, Tudine Packaging has grown leaps and bounds from a trading company with only 2 core products to a major player with manufacturing capability of more than 3,000 products available for the diversified industries our clients reside in.



Shock & Tilt Labels



We use advanced technology to detect if mishandling has occurred to your products during transportation.

Packaging Materials



We supply various packaging materials from a list of our GMP partners.

Special Purpose



Different bags are made for different purposes and to protect the product against specific damages. Talk to us on your specific requirements.

Dunnage Bag



Our high quality dunnage bags of various materials and specifications make sure quality is not comproised during exports.

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