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Shockwatch & Tiltwatch - Monitoring

We know how sensitive products needs more protection than others

Technology in Shockwatch & Tiltwatch that monitor mishandling to your sensitive products

Shockwatch Sticker


Need to keep your products in upright position throughout the logistics process?


Tiltwatch label deploys sophisticated method to indicate any tilting that may cause serious damages during transportation.


Our certification by 3rd party testing institution also ensures that there is no false alarm caused by inaccurate activation.




Our shockwatch label uses advanced technology to detect if mishandling has occured to your products during transportation.


Apart from the conventional way of reminding transporters of the sensitivity of the products they are handling, Impact Label doubles as an monitoring tool to make sure mishandling doesn't go undetected.



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Tilwatch Sticker


Our barcode tracking system allows you to track our labels, and your goods, around the world and inform you in real time on the current location of your goods.


Unlike other brands, you will not have to worry about missing goods or labels replaced by unscrupulous logistics handler who has activated and damaged your goods.

From the course of digital marketing to the stage where the product reached your client's hand, you can be assured that mishandling is monitored every second of the journey.

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