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15 Years of Growth


Over the past years after the COVID-19 pandemic, we reshuffled our different businesses and group them into a few single entities to create more synergies and value for our partners.

Our toys import/export division, Warlock Toys & Games, has become an enlarged entity as a result and began to contribute much more in terms of revenue and profit to the group as compared to pre-covid with the merger of the direct to consumer arm.

Due to the supply chain issues that has been persisting since the beginning of COVID, our packaging division is also feeling the adverse impact from both supplier and customers that includes some of the biggest players in the semi-con industry,



We have also made our first step in venturing into the B-to-C toys & gaming market with the acquisition of Skyclave Gaming, and have since made our first foray into the e-commerce for our toys & gaming division.

This has helped boost our market share in this sector and we continue to see promising signs despite the economy slowing on most fronts.

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