A decade of growth 


Over the past 10 years, we reshuffled our different businesses and group them into a few single entities to create more synergies and value for our partners.

Our packaging arm has become an enlarged entity as a result and began to contribute much more in terms of revenue and profit to the group as compared to 2 years ago.

Due to the downturn in the real estate sector throughout Asia, we see good opportunities to snap up more potential aquisitions, adding them to our already high flying portfolio.

Telecommunication unit, Tudelecom, continues to be the major contributor to the group's revenue, taking more than 40% of the total revenue for the financial year ended June 2014.

Overall, it has been an outstanding year where we hit record profit and revenue and we are looking forward to an even stronger year in 2015.



Our entertainment and digital arm have merged into a single media company with a new name: Regolith Media.  Regolith Media is an acquisition we made in 2012 and this is in line with what we had in mind when we made that transaction back then; to create more value for our stakeholders in the media sector.




After the merger of all different units into a single entity and keeping the group's name as the name of this new entity, Tudine Packaging has officially signed an agreement to be the main distributor of Impact and Tilt Labels in South East Asia in FY2014.

This is a landmark achievement for the newly merged entity as we have been trying to create or secure a partnership with businesses that have high technology knowledge and capability in the packaging industry.




We have also made our first step in creating a physcial presence in markets out of Asia by acquiring a minor stake in industrial timber supplier, Mary Crissmus Timber (MCT) and are also in discussion with making similar moves into the oil & gas industry.

We see huge synergy in how this and how future acquisition can form with the rest of the entities that we owned and are excited about the prospect of this new venture into Europe.