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I need to keep my cargo in place during shipment. Dunnage Bag.



Nobody can assure you how your products are being handled during transportation, not even your own logistics provider. In order to prevent any damage to your products, and your company’s reputation, we provide a wide range of packaging material made to reduce any possible damage to its lowest.



Our products are specifically made into different sizes and shapes to make sure they fit your needs. They are also tested vigorously with constant improvement being made to them in order to allow us to bring to you only the best possible products in the market available.

Traditional method of "filling up the voids" in container may come in the form of the traditional bubble pack, reused wooden planks/pallets, corrugated paper etc. This method will not be sufficient during sea transportation, especially during rough sea conditions where containers are being rocked.


Our dunnage bags will eliminate this problem with its customisable "fill-void" technology that helps to keep cargo in place without the risk of slipping and falling out of place.

Photo source: drop test done with clients

Our dunnage bags comes in different material, designed for different needs and products protection.


Not only are they reasonably priced, they are all presentable and is capable of helping your company save millions in damages and goodwill in reputation.


Apart from that, our dunnage bags are:


•    Cost effective
•    User-friendly
•    High resistance against punctures
•    Fast to apply
•    Moisture resistant
•    Easy to remove at destination
•    Made from 100% recyclable materials
•    Light weight
•    Time saving
•    Easy to deflate
•    Safe for users & receivers
•    Re-usable
•    AAR approved (level 1-5)

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