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4 reasons why you should get an impact monitoring label for your shipment

It is an additional cost to for your logistics so why should you monitor if anyone has mishandled your shipment during the phase when it leaves your premises to your destination? This is especially so when you have already bought insurance for them. The below are some very valid reasons why you should.

1. Mishandling Happens Everywhere


The first is obvious; the people handling your shipment most probably will not treat them as carefully as you will. From the moment it leaves your place to your destination, there will be more than 2-3 parties who are handling your shipment.


Our survey showed that people usually handle shipment with more care, be it on trolley or on forklift, when they know that there is a monitoring label on it. Nobody wants to be accountable for an activated label.


2. Ease of Checking at Destination

It may not be one parcel or one pallet that you are shipping; it can be a whole container with tens of pallets.


In order for your receiving party to quickly identify which are the ones to check before signing on the Delivery Order, monitoring label will come in helpful.


This will free up your delivery personnel’s time and also make your company a joy to deal with.


3. Rise of E-commerce

With the high adoption of smart phones and online buying, ​e-commerce websites are sprouting everywhere; from a 1-man show in a bedroom to a more than 100 men strong company with high website traffic volume.

All one needs is an internet connection and taking up a digital marketing course to start selling online.

How one can difference themselves from others can be as simple as including one shock label onto your parcel to elevate your branding and to make sure quality is assured when it reaches your client's hands.

4. Reputation at Stake


Sometimes it is not about the money, it is something more…it is your company’s reputation.


Without a monitoring label, it will be quite disputable to say that it is not your product quality at fault when it doesn’t work but some mishandling has occurred that causes it.


When the product arrives at your client’s place and cannot work as it should, with an activated label, it should be quite clear that some mishandling may have happened along the way and keep the client’s trust with your company that there is nothing wrong with your product’s quality.


A replacement and a repeated order shall be easy from there onwards.


With a monitoring label at less than USD$2.00* (purchase from Tudine Asia direct), and you can actually use it to monitor a entire pallet of product, there shouldn’t be any excuses not to get one to safeguard so much at stake.

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