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How Can Zoom Improve Your Relationship With Your Clients During This Pandemic

With technology improvement, business meetings and conferences have taken a new shape. In the modern world of technology, meetings and conferences are not as hard as the past. Employees and business owners can be at their homes and still hold their meetings and communicate with each other. Video communication has been around and is taking the world of technology as a storm.

Video communication has become an easy way to hold meetings and conferences. It even helped students to use online learning and home-based learning methods for their studies during this lockdown period that the world is on hold. As the use of video communication is increasing, almost every platform, from Skype to Facebook calls offer their version. And a new kid on the block, Zoom, appears to be running way ahead of the pack.

Unknown to many, Zoom was developed way back in 2011 and offers a range of services such as video conferencing, conference rooms, and webinars. But like any other platform, Zoom has its advantages and disadvantages that you must be aware of it.

If you have heard about it and not already using it, here are 11 reasons why you should:

1 - Development and Useability

Zoom is super easy to use. All you have to do is download it, set it up, and run the app. It is easy for anyone to connect and talk to a colleague or customer. You can connect Zoom on desktop, mobiles, and room systems, which gives you the ability to participate in meetings and conferences at any time and any place. With a great user-interface and quickness of joining rooms, Zoom is a simple video communication platform for everyone to use.

Despite being simple to use, Zoom provides professional options like webinars, online training, video conferences, and virtual meetings for more engagement.

2 - Video Conferencing Capability

If you have used Skype before, you know the services can be less reliable in some way, but there aren’t such problems with Zoom. Zoom video conferencing is stable and supports long video calls. Also, it offers an easy to use platform for audio and video conferencing.

The best thing about Zoom video conferencing is that regardless of the number of participants in a video conference, the quality and stability of the conference is impressive.

This is especially important for schools where many students will need to attend an online class at one go. In fact, during one of the digital marketing class in a Singapore school, it was even more effective as compared to classroom lessons as students can see and follow the steps on platforms like Google Analytics easily on their computer screen.

3 - No Need for Long Distant Travels

By using Zoom, there is no need to travel long distances and waste time to participate in a conference or event. You can just manage everything at home, and all you need is a phone or a laptop.

Gravity can't slow you down now.

Also, fewer travels for events prevent air pollutions and global warming, which leads to less ruin in the environment.

4 - A Centralized Platform

Zoom video conferencing is not restricted to webinars and virtual meetings. Participants can communicate through live chats in the middle of the meeting, and participants can share their personal opinion using the chat tool.

5 - Zoom is Cheap in Pricing

The Zoom conferencing app is free for personal use. For businesses, it costs cheap compare to other conferencing apps. If you look at your original expenses, such as one-to-one meetings and business trips, you can see the difference.

6 - More Engagement

The days that conferences and meetings were held by looking at PowerPoint slides are gone. With the improvement of technology, people want to see and feel what is happening at a conference. Zoom provides this option by its excellent broadcasting, which gives people the ability to see and feel the presenter instead of hearing the voice only.

7 - Zoom Video Conferencing is Like a Live Event

As Zoom brings the video for the presenter, at the same time, it brings the video for the attendees too. This option gives the presenter to host a lifelike event. Audiences can ask questions and talk to the presenter, and the presenter also can see and feel what the attendees want to know.

8 - Full Video Replays

Zoom also offers the option to record the whole event and capture video from the presenter and all the attendees. It helps to capture everything and not lose the event, including the questions that have been asked via chat.

It helps the attendees who were not inside the event to have the experience and don’t miss the event.

9 - The Ability to Share Screen

Sharing your screen helps your audiences understand what you want to tell them better. As hearing and seeing give a better understanding than only hearing something. Screen sharing is one of the features that Zoom does better than other video communication platforms.

10 - Mute Everyone

Sometimes it gets so noisy in video conferences as several attendees start talking altogether. Fortunately, Zoom provides an excellent solution to this problem.

Zoom gives the host the ability to mute anyone disturbing or everyone at the same time. This option helps to hold discipline in a conference.

11 - Video and Audio Quality

Zoom’s video and audio quality separate this video conferencing platform from the rest. Its video and audio quality make Zoom one of the best video conferencing software.

For cases like conducting occupational therapy for special needs children remotely, this is very much welcome to keep the client focus on the therapy.

Its quality is well, even in the most troublesome areas. Zoom doesn’t have any latency or echo issues inside the portals, and even with more participants joining the rooms, it still has a high quality.

Having said that, Zoom is not without its cons, and here are some to consider when choosing the ideal platform for your remote communicating purposes.

- Delayed Customer Service

Recently, a user reported bad service by the customer service department. It can take 2 to 3 days for you to take a suggestive solution to your problem. This can be a long time and cause your business to face a challenge if you are not able to fix the issue with Zoom.

- Zoom Security Concerns

In April 2020, a report revealed that a group of Zoom bombers (people who drop into public zoom meetings with the intention od ruining them) hacked user-passwords and took over the meetings, and then they used the information to disturb the business.

There was another report showing that over 500k users’ data was sold over dark webs.

These issues caused National Security Agencies to ask questions about the user privacy policy.

Just like any other platform, Zoom has its advantages and disadvantages. But regardless of all these, Zoom is a great platform to hold meetings and video conferences.

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